Morris Marine LLC​​
Boat Repair & New Builds
  1. Main Shop
    Main Shop
    Moving the F/V Odonata
  2. Winter
    Morris Marine
  3. Bottom Paint
    Bottom Paint
    After some hull repairs and kevlar for protection
  4. Northern Enterprises Boatyard
    Northern Enterprises Boatyard
    Aerial Perspective
  5. Kachemak Bay Sunrise
    Kachemak Bay Sunrise
    Northern Enterprise Boat Launch
  6. Breaking Ice
    Breaking Ice
    Winter in Kachemak Bay
  7. Launching Reel Friendship
    Launching Reel Friendship
    Northern Enterprise Boat Yard
  8. Halibut in the Hold
    Halibut in the Hold
    Inlet Quest
Specializing in ​Boat Repair & New Builds
Morris Marine LLC is a full service boat repair business situated in the Northern Enterprises Boatyard in Homer, Alaska.  We specialize in repair, service, and construction of commercial and recreational vessels with indoor facilities to accommodate up to 58' seiners.  Our capabilities include complete composite repair and construction as well as joinery, metal fabrication, paint, hydraulics, refrigeration, electrical, etc.  We can take care of your needs from a new bilge pump or radar up to a top house, stretch, re-power, or new recreational vessel.  With decades of combined experience, we can ensure your project gets completed in a timely and professional manner.

Quotes From Our Customers

"I also wanted to thank you and your crew for the outstanding job you did for us on the Inlet Quest!  We had a very successful Halibut fishing season on the Inlet Quest!  The deck reconfigured by your shop worked very well for our operation.   Thanks again!"

Myron Melovidov 
Owner: Inlet Quest
CBSFA Operations Supervisor 
"Okay, thank you. You did a great job on my boat . 😁"

Dale Barwick
Owner: Finterest
"I've always enjoyed working with you on projects and think you do awesome work.  Next time I get rich I'm bringing the boat back to homer so we can keep making it sexy with some new project."

Ryan Baldridge
Owner: Sparhawk